Growing the Community: March 2020

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Growing the Community: March 2020

TLDR: Not how we thought we’d grow, but we’re growing!

In January, we started this journey to have a monthly meetup, but only if a community formed.

No one knew how many people would be interested nor if there would be another. This would all be guided by hypothesis and metrics, the metric being the number of individuals attending a meetup in person. Currently, that number is 0.

Here’s how that happened, and why we’re more excited than ever.

We had 67 RSVPs for the March 18th in-person meetup that was canceled on March 14. Instead, we rescheduled Bob Allen to April 15th and did a online stream with Dana and Bryan Finster March 18. The first stream had 51 attendees.
Following the first stream, their was demand for another which happened March 25th with Woody Zuill. This event attracted 48 attendees plus 10 participants.

What is really interesting, is the new hypothesis of a “global-local meetup”. Can we, without abandoning the local meetup model – invite participants in a global fashion?

Let’s call this the local-first global meetup. We strongly encourage local individuals to attend in person, and at the same time provide a means for participation for the global community.

To experiment with global-local, we are driving individuals to our free slack, and using zoom to facilitate impromptu and schedule events. Whereas, the data hasn’t been collected – but it seems to be working.

And yes, we’ll have at least a monthly in person meetup. The next one is April 15th – RSVP.

Here’s the raw data.

March 18th 2020: CI/CD3751Stream
March 25th 2020: Mob Programming3148Stream
Rescheduled: March 18th 2020 BDD67RescheduledIn Person

Activity in Slack : We’re growing!

Website Visits: Nothing particularly interesting

Twitter: Is our main channel of discovery, and it’s working – 68 new followers.

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