Month: April 2020

We're all about the individual developer, not our employers.

Lean Coffee Thursday – April 30th 9pm – Let’s Try It

The past 2 meetups, a group of us hung out on zoom and talked code. It was awesome. All the host had to do was create a Zoom Meeting. We like easy. We like learning. Let’s try to do one formally. Here’s the details

Meetup Report April 22: Kotlin and Java a Side by Side Comparison

First, we’d like to thank our community members, Mike and Rich for hosting this event. Link to recording is inside.

Oops? Did we make a mistake and oversaturate? Or is there something you’d like to tell us?

We can speculate why we only have 12 RSVPs, but we’d rather get actual feedback. Take this survey. If you’d like to RSVP, do it here. Event RSVPs Attendees Location March 18th 2020: CI/CD 37 51 Stream March 25th 2020: Mob Programming 31 48 Stream April 15th 2020 : BDD Mob Allen 66 57 Stream…
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Community Meetup Report: April 15th BDD with Bob Allen – We’re Still Growing!

Our Bob Allen BDD Meetup had 66 RSVPs, 57 unique viewers and is posted below, in case you missed it. Thank you Bob Allen for hosting this awesome event. Our next event is April 22nd and TDD Kotlin vs Java.

April 22nd 7PM EST: Intro to TDD in Kotlin & Java; Double the Fizz; Double the Buzz;

Rich is a fan of Java. Mike is a fan of Kotlin. Both are experts in Test Driven Development. What will happen when these two pair live on stream and attempt to do Fizz Buzz in both?

The Logo Votes Are In: The Winner Is ….

To keep with the lean theme of this startup, we sourced 3 logos from We then asked the community to vote. Here are the results.

The Show Must Go on, Online April 15th BDD with Bob Allen!

The show must go on, online April 15th, 7 pm est. Bob Allen will have an interactive Behavior Driven Development (BDD) activity with code writing. This time, we’re opening the Zoom audience to everyone AND hosting a twitch stream. If you would like to actively participate (write code) join the Zoom. If you would like to passively observe – watch on or other streaming platforms. \