Month: May 2020

We're all about the individual developer, not our employers.

The Sparrow Deck: Code Pattern Recognition with Camille Bell

What a wonderful meetup. We would like to thank Camille Bell for presenting such a fun and engaging topics. In case you missed the May 28th 2020 stream, here’s a video out of it.

7 Signs Your Manager is not Advocating For You

As developers, we often rely on our managers to advocate for us and our careers. They’re the ones who are supposed to provide us with feedback, recognition, and growth opportunities. But what happens when they don’t? You might find yourself stuck in a career slump. Here are seven signs your manager isn’t advocating for you:…
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14 Tips from 6 Coding Livestreams; Learning From Our Mistakes

In the last 3 months, Canton Coders has hosted 6 livestreams and learned a ton. The first setup was a under powered $450 laptop that leveraged Zoom to rebroadcast to to now a purpose built system that uses OBS to produce the stream.

CompareTo FizzBuzz on Azure vs Google Functions

First, we want to thank Gugu and Bryce for the awesome presentation and lean coffee. If you missed it, here’s the video May 14th 2020 of it.

Thursday May 14th 7pm Azure CompareTo Google Functions

A follow up to our new series, CompareTo – Let’s look at how to do the same thing with Azure and Google Cloud Functions in a side by side.

Canton Coders May Event List

We’re growing, and we’re getting a little better at being a community and scheduling things in advance. Here’s a listing of all the events that we’re doing for May. This doesn’t mean, we won’t add things – it just means these *most likely* won’t be cancelled.