Thursday May 14th 7pm Azure CompareTo Google Functions

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Thursday May 14th 7pm Azure CompareTo Google Functions

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The next entry into our CompareTo Series, long lost co-workers, some might even consider friends, reunite to walk us through a comparison of Google and Azure cloud functions. Both are active Canton Coders.

Gugu Mabuza

Gugu Mabuzu is very passionate about disruptive technologies and how these are going to be a game changer for global enterprises requiring serious transformation and will be an asset to any entrepreneurial and forward-thinking organization. He’s a hands on leader who still writes code. Plus, he actually lives in Canton, Michigan!

Bryce Levin - Delivery Director - Nexient | LinkedIn

Bryce Levin is a hands on software leader that prides himself in still writing actual code. He live in Ann Arbor, and is known for the Dyson vacuum that is always visible in his video chats.

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