Month: June 2020

We're all about the individual developer, not our employers.

The Code Interview

The Code Interview is a prerecord, hyper focused, sub 15-minute conversation between two people. If we increase the knowledge of the coders consuming the media and elevate the facilitation skill set of the rotating interviewer; we’ll call it a win – and keep doing it.

A (Virtual) Lean Coffee to Elevate Others

“Ask a Seasoned Developer,” will be more structured (Virtual) Lean Coffee. The community will select a pair of seasoned developers to moderate the discussion and provide structure to ensure the conversations remain focused.

Canton Coders Presents: Summer Camp 2020

Summer Camp isn’t only for kids, it’s for Coders. Follow along on our 2020 Summer Camp Stories.

Basic Unit Testing in Java, Javascript, C#, Python, and Many More

“Software development is like eating a giant elephant. You can only do it one bite at a time.” – Unknown Unit tests are an integral part of the software development process. They help to ensure that the code you write works as expected and continues to work as you make changes to it. Here’s an…
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Canton Coders’ June 2020 Schedule

We’re excited to announce that in June we will have 3 lean coffees and one virtual meetup. This is due to the fact that we were ask to collaborate with Agile Coaching DC to teach them mob programming. Camille Bell will be hosting.  We’ll probably do another live stream the first week in July, but as you know in the state of Michigan – things around COVID are changing.
Like normal, all events are free and you can get the latest details and rsvp on our Eventbrite.