Canton Coders Presents: Summer Camp 2020

We're all about the individual developer, not our employers.

Canton Coders Presents: Summer Camp 2020

What can a software craftmanship coach learn while coaching 4 volunteer developers for a month?

– Nathan Carver


As a community group, we are invested in developing the talent in our community and we have been experimenting with different formats for contents and meetups, this is a spike to combine both learning with content.

Our Campers

The campers are Canton Coders that are junior to mid-career software development professionals.  Each has volunteered to be committed to the learning group for a month. Due to the experimental nature of this camp; we’ve limited the campers to small invitation only group.

Our Camp Counselor

Nathan Carver enjoys long nights of restful sleep, that is because he writes tests to change his code before deployment. An experienced and highly professional software craftsman who focuses on delivering business value through working software. Nathan lives in Lansing, Michigan – and enjoys coding in his basement office with many priceless and unique collectables, that only he values.

Our Approach

Right now, the target is to meet frequently weekly via zoom and have a coaching segment.  The working group will be working on an application for Canton Coders (most likely a mobile application) that will be open sourced.  The activities will involve practices to drive technical outcomes; as in there’s a plan, that might change – but our Camp Counselor has specific material he’d live to cover.

Our Content

Our counselor has committed to producing weekly vlogs that covers the following content areas.

  1. What did he expect?
  2. What happened?
  3. What did he learn?
  4. What does he expect next?
  5. What is the new plan?

At the conclusion of the summer camp, Canton Coders will host a live Q&A with the counselor and the campers (if they are inclined).

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