A (Virtual) Lean Coffee to Elevate Others

We're all about the individual developer, not our employers.

A (Virtual) Lean Coffee to Elevate Others

Canton Coders is a community of developers that is passionate about elevating the individual coder. During our weekly Thursday Night (Virtual) Lean Coffees – Caryn realize that the topics were broad and maybe beyond some of our community members. Others agreed, and that is why we are proud to host a free (Virtual) Lean Coffee focused on elevating less seasoned developers, “Ask a Seasoned Developer.”

“Ask a Seasoned Developer,” will be more structured (Virtual) Lean Coffee. The community will select a pair of seasoned developers to moderate the discussion and provide structure to ensure the conversations remain focused.

 As with other lean coffees, the topics will be provided and ranked by the attendees. The format will be slightly different – first the seasoned developers will use Socratic method to answer, but after 3 minutes – the seasoned will decide to answer in 60 seconds or pause the topic and move it to slack. This way, we move through topics and questions, and elevate everyone.

Join us for our first attempt of this format!


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