Our 5 Personas of Community Members

We're all about the individual developer, not our employers.

Our 5 Personas of Community Members

As our community grows, we want to understand where everyone is on their coding journey so that we can target learning opportunities for you. To help us understand our community, we have invented 5 categories that can help draw that distinction.  These categories are informal, and each person can self-select into one or more categories.

New & Growing Coders

New & Growing Coders are new to the craft and are seeking to learn more than to give back.  It is okay to be New & Growing, Canton Coders are here to serve you.

Seasoned Coders

Seasoned Coders are experience in the craft that come to learn and grow and give back. Seasoned Coders serve each other and all other coders.

Rusty Coders

Rusty Coders are coders that are returning from a long break from coding.  Much like New & Growing Coders, you learn more than you give back.  Don’t feel guilty, we will get you up to speed, and you’ll be giving back soon!


Leaders are people who are seeking better ways to support coders. There are various forms of leaders, some large scale, some small scale, some in between, but all are seeking to enhance the life of our coders. We need leaders in our community to help invoke change for our coders in their professional lives.


Promoters are individuals who do not necessarily code but are excited to learn and help Canton Coders Grow.  Who knows, you might catch the bug like we did and transform into New & Growing Coders!

As mentioned before, these were invented – so they’re official until they aren’t. We will start to assign the labels to content; to help you understand what might be beneficial in your journey.

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