(Virtual) Late Night Leadership Lean Coffee

We're all about the individual developer, not our employers.

(Virtual) Late Night Leadership Lean Coffee

Your Leadership Topics; Your Leadership Ideas; Your “Coffee”, Our Zoom

Join us on November 18th, 2020, at 9 pm Detroit Time as we kick off our first (Virtual) Late Night Leadership Lean Coffee.

Our goal is to connect the Greater Detroit area technology leaders to elevate and promote the developer community. Our professionally facilitated Lean Coffee is an agendaless meeting, where the participants recommend and vote on the topics for discussion. The target audience leaders in the technology space – regardless of coding abilities.

How Did We Get Here?

For the past several months, our (Virtual) Lean Coffee has grown to over 50 different contributors, averaging 10+ attendees weekly. The topics have varied between coding and organizational leadership challenges. Several members of our community are local leaders and desire to have a forum to discuss their leadership challenges.

About this Canton Coders

We’re all about the individual developer, not our employers.

We’re still a meetup in Canton, Michigan – that meets in person, but we have a global element, with over 340+ developers and an engaging slack – we’re happy to welcome you to our community. 

Our goal is to provide community and professional development for developers – and we’re FREE! We’re always doing something, so the best way to find out what is going on is to join slack.cantoncoders.org .

The views and opinions expressed in all events are the speaker’s own personal opinions subject to evolution and being wrong and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or values of our employers, peers, friends, and family. To protect the integrity of Canton Coders and maintain the highest professional decorum, please refrain from sharing any employer or client information.

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