December 2020 Schedule and Community Update

We're all about the individual developer, not our employers.

December 2020 Schedule and Community Update

Our community is approximately 8 months old and growing, and as we grow we are learning. In that same time, we have helped at least 7 people find new roles, many of those people were without roles. Our community is amazing.

Learning #1 Human Interaction on Zoom >

At the start, Canton Coders was intended to be a meetup that met once a month at the Canton Public Library in Canton, Michigan in person. For obvious reasons, we’ve pivoted online. We’ve experimented with numerous livestreams and lean coffees, and what we believe to be true is that our community needs human interaction like an in person meetup, and that is why we’re opening zoom in December to our livestream with Guy Royse.

Learning #2 (Virtual) Lean Coffees are “hot”

A big shoutout to Steve, Caryn, and everyone else that participates in our lean coffee. As our community grows, we have 3 different groups that meet frequently for lean coffee, Leaders, New & Growing, and General Code. As our community grows, so will our offerings – are you interested in a JavaScript lean coffee?

Learning #3 We over saturated the livestream market

As our attendance numbers dropped, we learned based upon the valuable feedback from the community, we were doing too much! Based upon this learning, we’ll be reducing our livestreams to once a month – until we learn that more is needed.

As always, we’re grateful our community, and we look to the future to grow more people. Checkout our and join our today!

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