Jan 19 2021 – “Stop Obsessing About Primitives” with Ted M. Young

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Jan 19 2021 – “Stop Obsessing About Primitives” with Ted M. Young

How do you make your code more testable? One way is to make your classes smaller, so that they’re more directly testable. An easy way to do this is to look for the Primitive Obsession code smell and create new classes that better represent your domain than plain old integers and Strings. Then the magic happens: you’ll see behavior that’s spread throughout your codebase is Feature Envy, another code smell, and the new class will pull in that behavior, providing a better abstraction and an easier way to test it.

About Ted

Ted (known as JitterTed on the social networks) is a trainer, coding coach, speaker, and author. He’s been in software development for over 30 years, doing eXtreme Programming since 2000. Ted has worked for eBay, Google, Apple, and Guidewire Software and is now an independent Java trainer/coach. He specializes in teaching those new to the industry as well as experienced folks how to increase the joy of coding using TDD, domain-driven design, and learning how to learn.

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