Month: January 2021

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[Upcoming Event] (Virtual) New & Growing Lean Coffee

A (Virtual) lean coffee focusing on elevating the new and growing developers in our community. About this Event As with other lean coffees, the topics will be provided and ranked by the attendees. The format will be slightly different – first the seasoned developers will use Socratic method to answer, but after 3 minutes –…
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[Upcoming Meetup] Dave Nicolette’s Modern Mainframes for 2021

Contemporary Development Tools and Practices in the IBM Mainframe Environment About this Event About the Talk Since the late 1980s, much of the world outside of mainframe data centers has ignored the mainframe platform. Conventional wisdom was that it would soon cease to exist. Today, the mainframe is positioned as a viable and cost-effective cloud…
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February 2021 Calendar

Fall in love with code again This month’s feature is Cobol Unit’s Author Dave Nicolette discussing Modern Mainframes. Checkout the rest of events, especially the reboot “New & Growing Lean Coffee”. And don’t forget to join our and follow us on .

[Recap and Video] Stop Obsessing About Primitives with Ted M. Young

How do you make your code more testable? One way is to make your classes smaller, so that they’re more directly testable. An easy way to do this is to look for the Primitive Obsession code smell and create new classes that better represent your domain than plain old integers and Strings. Then the magic happens: you’ll see behavior that’s spread throughout your codebase is Feature Envy, another code smell, and the new class will pull in that behavior, providing a better abstraction and an easier way to test it.