Month: February 2021

We're all about the individual developer, not our employers.

[Recap] Dave Nicolete’s Modern Mainframes for 2021

We’d like to thank Dave for leading us through mainframe development including a hands on demonstration of test driving Cobol with cobol check using VSCode.

Thursday Night Katas in March

This last month, Nathan Carver volunteered to lead a small group of us through the Pac-Man kata in C#. We had about 10 people the first night, which lead to a second, which lead to a third. This month, we’ll schedule it out for a month. We’ll try to code with a staff level engineer every Thursday night. Join if you would like a specific topic covered.

March 2021 Calendar

This month’s feature presentation is Sylvia Fronczak as she presents the Transformation Priority Premise in Test Driven Development. We’ll also be hosting our normal lean coffees, and coding every Thursday night with a staff level developer. All event information is at and join our for more details.

[Upcoming Meetup Zoom] Come Code with Us

Come code with us! Checkout our code!

[Upcoming] Crash Course into Test Driven Development in C# Part 2

Back due to popular demand, come join with us.

Has the word “agile” lost it’s meaning?

In recent years, the term “Agile” has become something of a buzzword in the software industry, with many teams striving to adopt Agile methodologies and practices in their development processes. While Agile has certainly proven to be useful for many teams, the overuse and misapplication of the term has led to a situation in which…
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