(Virtual) Lunching and Learning is Returning

We're all about the individual developer, not our employers.

(Virtual) Lunching and Learning is Returning

We’re excited to announce that (Virtual) Lunch and Learns are returning this fall starting October 13th. After an astounding success with the American Airlines team this summer, we have extended invitations to several industry leaders to talk about technology and activities in their space. We do this to help coders learn, with exposure to real world problem solving in the most transparent exhibition possible.. We do this to encourage our community coding members to “Work on you; not them”.

Our Lunch and Learn Series will have two formats, industry presentations and just good old fashion coding. As we seek to better the lives of coders, we openly ask for feedback. Please email us at info@cantoncoders.org or join our free slack.cantoncoders.org .

Our calendar is posted here https://events.cantoncoders.org and checkout our last lunch and learn with American Airlines.

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