Season 3 2022

We're all about the individual developer, not our employers.

Season 3 2022

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After 2 years, we’re still growing, and more importantly helping people that happen to code. The stories about improvement in happiness are incredibly powerful. Right now there’s at least 400 people here, if not slightly more by a few hundred or umm thousand? But we stop measuring, because we’re not like that, we just like to know we’re helping by the stories we randomly hear.

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As for 2022, here’s tentative the goals.

House Keeping Corporate Structure

First, no one has ever made money from Canton Coders; no money has been exchange, no value has been exchange; therefore, we’re forming into a real non-profit. The Canton Coders do not use or own private jets.

Why? Because after 2 years, it make sense to change from an LLC that has a $8 domain to something that is a little more systematic and professional. As we seek the grow the community, we need something a little more formal to show some of the corporate folks that we’re legit – but we’re still about the coder; not the employer, but some of our lunch and learns are awesome to see real tech in real action.

The 2022 Goals

As for goals of 2022, we’re doubling down coder happiness. We want to make sure people are truly happy. Our guess at that is something like :

  1. I’m safe in my job, and I’m paid enough to live my life without economic concerns
  2. I actually have work life balance, I have hobbies and spend time with my family
  3. I have the skills if my job disappeared to find the next gig
  4. I have the network to get my next gig

The Tentative Plan

Lunch & Learns

We’ll continue to host lunch and learns to expose developers to different techniques, environments, practice, etc.

Lean Coffees Season 3

We’ll reboot late night lean coffees about code, dojos, leadership, etc – topics you bring to the table, topics that grow network

Mentoring & Menteeing

We’re excited to reboot mentoring and menteeing. Special shoutout to Caryn & Nate as they continue to help people improve (for free)

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