Month: May 2022

We're all about the individual developer, not our employers.

May 2022 : Career Fair Follow Up

What a success! We had about a dozen candidates and a dozen employers participants in our first career fair. Although we don’t endorse anyone, here were the employers that had representation and their contact information. Bionaut Labs Integral Hunter Industries Construct Connect Little Ceasars Stout Systems Slalom Build Amazon Don’t forget to sign up for…
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May 2022 Career Fair Employer Line Up

Update: Here’s the link to the zoom and hop on our free you’ll agree to our privacy policy & terms of use (legal says this) First, it’s always about you; and not your employer. We’re just thinking you might want to find different opportunities, so we’ll host a career fair. Sometimes, a conversation will…
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Little Caesars to Join Canton Coder’s Free Career Fair

Canton Coders is pleased to welcome Little Ceasars to our May 2022 Career Fair. As always, our career fair is free for candidate and employees. At Canton Coders, we’re about the coder, not the employer – but we all got bills! And of course, this is free for everyone including employers. As covid has unlocked new…
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