Free Career Fair FAQ

We're all about the individual developer, not our employers.

Free Career Fair FAQ

Q: What should I expect?

A relaxed environment, and maybe sock puppets

Q: As as a developer, what privacy do we offer – I want to make sure I don’t get fired.

A: There’s risk in everything we do, so we can’t tell you it won’t happen. But what we can tell you is we created a night of pageantry that even the happiest employees would like to attend. Just because you attend, doesn’t mean you’re looking for that next role. It’s a community event, you’re here because you love code. Since we don’t require registration, make the appropriate decisions your self to safe guard your identity.

Q: What does a pitch look like? Are they any limits?

A: Your goal is to accurately represent the job and work within our community guidelines. A pitch can be anything in that span – no one has tried puppets yet, but we’re not against it. Here’s an example pitch video.

Q: As an employer will I receive a list of attendees?

A: Unfortunately, not . Due to privacy policy limitations we’re not able to share information. We rely on the old fashion methods networking, meet and greet. You’re goal is to get their contact information.

Q: Is there an employer list available?

It’s our goal to provide this, thebest way to get it is to join #jobs (which is always free, like everything else we do).

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