About Us

We're all about the individual developer, not our employers.

Our community is focused on the individual coder and not our employers. Our goal is to provide community and professional development of for all software developers regardless of methodology, language, or paradigm – and we’ve always been FREE! We’re always doing something, so the best way to find out what is going on is to join our incredibly active slack community. – it’s free!

Our History, Why Canton?

In January 2020, Canton Coders was started by a few developers in the Canton, Michigan, USA area, a region of Detroit. In our region, there were several meetups in Ann Arbor, Downtown Detroit, and the North Side of Detroit, all 30+ minute drives for most people in Canton, Michigan. The plan was to create a monthly meetup at the Canton Public Library, and get together talk code, and find a local pub to continue talking code.

The first meetup was scheduled for the Canton Michigan Public Library in March of 2020. Turns out, the first meetup was also the first day of the Covid-19 shutdown. Given this disruption, the community quickly switched to a virtual presence. The pivot to virtual removed the barriers of geography and promoted a stronger network. We continue to operate solely online (for now).

Our Structure

We’re proud to be a member of Community of Coders Inc. For more information on our non-profit status visit here http://communityofcoders.org