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What Makes Coders !Happy?

As the community evolves into the third season of Canton Coders, we as a community are pursuing happiness for coders. Happiness varies from person to person, but to understand more, we polled our community in a lunch and learn and this is what we learned. First, beyond health for family and friends, and life balance,…
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Calling all Digital Nomads @ Canton Coders

We get it, you don’t have a permeant home. But did you know, we don’t either? We’re completely virtual. Why not join our coding community and join a coding community group that thinks like you. Aaron is here, why aren’t you?

Camille Bell: Why is there a bias against COBOL developers?

COBOL isn’t new and cutting edge. Most developers want to work in what’s new and cutting edge and think those who work in languages like COBOL are old fashioned. Prior to Dave Nicolette‘s open source COBOL unit testing tools, Cobol Unit; it was nearly impossible to practice TDD, and other agile technical practices, because the…
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Canton Coders Presents: Summer Camp 2020

Summer Camp isn’t only for kids, it’s for Coders. Follow along on our 2020 Summer Camp Stories.

Opinion: Gradle > Maven

Mike takes on a giant with his belief that Gradle > Maven. He has been portraying a software engineer for over 20 years and finding out as every day passes by, what a beginner he is. Mike discovered XP programming 12 years ago and has been hooked ever since. His passions include anything that makes the daily grind of creating and delivering value suck less than the day before. He currently resides in Farmington, Michigan and works for one of the major employers in the Southeast Michigan area.