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We're all about the individual developer, not our employers.

Canton Coders Season 4.0 – AI, Org Design, and Economics – Disruptive Things

Attention all software developers and enthusiasts! Canton Coders is excited to announce Season 4.0, and this time, we’re tackling some of the most disruptive and transformative trends in the industry. We’ll be exploring the intersection of AI-driven development, organizational change, and the economics of software – all of which promise to revolutionize the way we…
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Why Software Developers Can Be Product Managers Too (And Why It’s Awesome!)

Let’s be real, being a software developer is pretty awesome. You get to create something new every day, solve problems with your coding superpowers, and constantly learn and grow as new technologies emerge. But sometimes, you might feel like you want to take your skills to the next level and move beyond just writing code.…
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Free Coding Boot Camp

A software career is too long to rush into, and no one should go into debt to learn basic software development.

Season 3 2022

After 2 years, we’re still growing, and more importantly helping people that happen to code. The stories about improvement in happiness are incredibly powerful. Right now there’s at least 400 people here, if not slightly more by a few hundred or umm thousand? But we stop measuring, because we’re not like that, we just like…
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(Virtual) Late Night Leadership Lean Coffee

Our goal is to connect the Greater Detroit area technology leaders to elevate and promote the developer community. Our professionally facilitated Lean Coffee is an agendaless meeting, where the participants recommend and vote on the topics for discussion. The target audience leaders in the technology space – regardless of coding abilities.

Our Goal : Explained Through Impact Mapping

We’re a community of coders, but our goal is ran as a product organization. We use hypothesis, metrics, target personas, and more to help grow and reach our goal. Below is an impact map of our goal. If you’re not familiar with impact mapping, maybe that could be a livestream event? More to come in the future.

Our 5 Personas of Community Members

As our community grows, we want to understand where everyone is on their coding journey so that we can target learning opportunities for you. To help us understand our community, we have invented 5 categories that can help draw that distinction. These categories are informal, and each person can self-select into one or more categories.

July 2020 Survey Readout

As the community grows, it’s important we receive feedback from the community members. Here’s the results for 2020. Clearly, our poll is bias or people really like us!

Meetup Recap : Characterization Tests with Nathan Carver

This will change, how you change legacy code, forever.

A (Virtual) Lean Coffee to Elevate Others

“Ask a Seasoned Developer,” will be more structured (Virtual) Lean Coffee. The community will select a pair of seasoned developers to moderate the discussion and provide structure to ensure the conversations remain focused.