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We're all about the individual developer, not our employers.

Meetup Recap : Characterization Tests with Nathan Carver

This will change, how you change legacy code, forever.

A (Virtual) Lean Coffee to Elevate Others

“Ask a Seasoned Developer,” will be more structured (Virtual) Lean Coffee. The community will select a pair of seasoned developers to moderate the discussion and provide structure to ensure the conversations remain focused.

14 Tips from 6 Coding Livestreams; Learning From Our Mistakes

In the last 3 months, Canton Coders has hosted 6 livestreams and learned a ton. The first setup was a under powered $450 laptop that leveraged Zoom to rebroadcast to to now a purpose built system that uses OBS to produce the stream.

Oops? Did we make a mistake and oversaturate? Or is there something you’d like to tell us?

We can speculate why we only have 12 RSVPs, but we’d rather get actual feedback. Take this survey. If you’d like to RSVP, do it here. Event RSVPs Attendees Location March 18th 2020: CI/CD 37 51 Stream March 25th 2020: Mob Programming 31 48 Stream April 15th 2020 : BDD Mob Allen 66 57 Stream…
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The Logo Votes Are In: The Winner Is ….

To keep with the lean theme of this startup, we sourced 3 logos from We then asked the community to vote. Here are the results.

New Logo – You Decide

To keep it lean, we went to and made an investment. Now we need to vote on which logo. Join slack to vote!

Growing the Community: March 2020

Growing a meetup in a pandemic, wasn’t the goal – but here’s how we’re doing.

Flash Mob Programming

On March 25, we hosted a mob programming live stream including Woody Zuill. It instigated a problem; our community started to mob program katas on video chat. If you’d like to mob program with us, follow us on Twitter and look for a flash mob or join our slack, it’s free.

Stay Connected: Join Our Slack

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