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Stop Obsessing About Primitives with Ted M. Young

How do you make your code more testable? One way is to make your classes smaller, so that they’re more directly testable. An easy way to do this is to look for the Primitive Obsession code smell and create new classes that better represent your domain than plain old integers and Strings. Then the magic happens: you’ll see behavior that’s spread throughout your codebase is Feature Envy, another code smell, and the new class will pull in that behavior, providing a better abstraction and an easier way to test it.

Livestream Recap : Contract Driven Development with Bryan Finster

Everyone knows that dependencies make coding hard, but what if it didn’t need to be difficult. Learn how Contract Driven Development works!

Meetup Recap : Characterization Tests with Nathan Carver

This will change, how you change legacy code, forever.

The Code Interview

The Code Interview is a prerecord, hyper focused, sub 15-minute conversation between two people. If we increase the knowledge of the coders consuming the media and elevate the facilitation skill set of the rotating interviewer; we’ll call it a win – and keep doing it.

A (Virtual) Lean Coffee to Elevate Others

“Ask a Seasoned Developer,” will be more structured (Virtual) Lean Coffee. The community will select a pair of seasoned developers to moderate the discussion and provide structure to ensure the conversations remain focused.

The Sparrow Deck: Code Pattern Recognition with Camille Bell

What a wonderful meetup. We would like to thank Camille Bell for presenting such a fun and engaging topics. In case you missed the May 28th 2020 stream, here’s a video out of it.

CompareTo FizzBuzz on Azure vs Google Functions

First, we want to thank Gugu and Bryce for the awesome presentation and lean coffee. If you missed it, here’s the video May 14th 2020 of it.

Lean Coffee Thursday – April 30th 9pm – Let’s Try It

The past 2 meetups, a group of us hung out on zoom and talked code. It was awesome. All the host had to do was create a Zoom Meeting. We like easy. We like learning. Let’s try to do one formally. Here’s the details

Meetup Report April 22: Kotlin and Java a Side by Side Comparison

First, we’d like to thank our community members, Mike and Rich for hosting this event. Link to recording is inside.

Community Meetup Report: April 15th BDD with Bob Allen – We’re Still Growing!

Our Bob Allen BDD Meetup had 66 RSVPs, 57 unique viewers and is posted below, in case you missed it. Thank you Bob Allen for hosting this awesome event. Our next event is April 22nd and TDD Kotlin vs Java.