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Jan 19 2021 – “Stop Obsessing About Primitives” with Ted M. Young

How do you make your code more testable? One way is to make your classes smaller, so that they’re more directly testable. An easy way to do this is to look for the Primitive Obsession code smell and create new classes that better represent your domain than plain old integers and Strings. Then the magic happens: you’ll see behavior that’s spread throughout your codebase is Feature Envy, another code smell, and the new class will pull in that behavior, providing a better abstraction and an easier way to test it.

December 2020 Schedule and Community Update

Our community is approximately 8 months old and growing, and as we grow we are learning.

September 2020 Calendar

Our community is growing; in more than one way! We’re thrilled to have such a jam packed month. We’ll continue to do our Lean Coffees and Wednesday, but we’re pleased to announce our Tuesday Coding Katas. All events are free, please rsvp at .

Soft Skills for Developers Livestream

Being a coder isn’t just about the code; we normally work with people. Ask your soft skill questions to these local people leaders!

Wednesday July 15th Learn Contract Driven Development

Everyone knows that dependencies make coding hard, but what if it didn’t need to be difficult. Learn how Contract Driven Development works!

Canton Coders’ June 2020 Schedule

We’re excited to announce that in June we will have 3 lean coffees and one virtual meetup. This is due to the fact that we were ask to collaborate with Agile Coaching DC to teach them mob programming. Camille Bell will be hosting.  We’ll probably do another live stream the first week in July, but as you know in the state of Michigan – things around COVID are changing.
Like normal, all events are free and you can get the latest details and rsvp on our Eventbrite.

Thursday May 14th 7pm Azure CompareTo Google Functions

A follow up to our new series, CompareTo – Let’s look at how to do the same thing with Azure and Google Cloud Functions in a side by side.

Canton Coders May Event List

We’re growing, and we’re getting a little better at being a community and scheduling things in advance. Here’s a listing of all the events that we’re doing for May. This doesn’t mean, we won’t add things – it just means these *most likely* won’t be cancelled.

April 22nd 7PM EST: Intro to TDD in Kotlin & Java; Double the Fizz; Double the Buzz;

Rich is a fan of Java. Mike is a fan of Kotlin. Both are experts in Test Driven Development. What will happen when these two pair live on stream and attempt to do Fizz Buzz in both?

The Show Must Go on, Online April 15th BDD with Bob Allen!

The show must go on, online April 15th, 7 pm est. Bob Allen will have an interactive Behavior Driven Development (BDD) activity with code writing. This time, we’re opening the Zoom audience to everyone AND hosting a twitch stream. If you would like to actively participate (write code) join the Zoom. If you would like to passively observe – watch on or other streaming platforms. \