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Jan 19 2021 – “Stop Obsessing About Primitives” with Ted M. Young

How do you make your code more testable? One way is to make your classes smaller, so that they’re more directly testable. An easy way to do this is to look for the Primitive Obsession code smell and create new classes that better represent your domain than plain old integers and Strings. Then the magic happens: you’ll see behavior that’s spread throughout your codebase is Feature Envy, another code smell, and the new class will pull in that behavior, providing a better abstraction and an easier way to test it.

December 2020 Schedule and Community Update

Our community is approximately 8 months old and growing, and as we grow we are learning.

(Virtual) Late Night Leadership Lean Coffee

Our goal is to connect the Greater Detroit area technology leaders to elevate and promote the developer community. Our professionally facilitated Lean Coffee is an agendaless meeting, where the participants recommend and vote on the topics for discussion. The target audience leaders in the technology space – regardless of coding abilities.

September 2020 Calendar

Our community is growing; in more than one way! We’re thrilled to have such a jam packed month. We’ll continue to do our Lean Coffees and Wednesday, but we’re pleased to announce our Tuesday Coding Katas. All events are free, please rsvp at .

Our Goal : Explained Through Impact Mapping

We’re a community of coders, but our goal is ran as a product organization. We use hypothesis, metrics, target personas, and more to help grow and reach our goal. Below is an impact map of our goal. If you’re not familiar with impact mapping, maybe that could be a livestream event? More to come in the future.

Our 5 Personas of Community Members

As our community grows, we want to understand where everyone is on their coding journey so that we can target learning opportunities for you. To help us understand our community, we have invented 5 categories that can help draw that distinction. These categories are informal, and each person can self-select into one or more categories.

July 2020 Survey Readout

As the community grows, it’s important we receive feedback from the community members. Here’s the results for 2020. Clearly, our poll is bias or people really like us!

Livestream Recap : Contract Driven Development with Bryan Finster

Everyone knows that dependencies make coding hard, but what if it didn’t need to be difficult. Learn how Contract Driven Development works!

Soft Skills for Developers Livestream

Being a coder isn’t just about the code; we normally work with people. Ask your soft skill questions to these local people leaders!

Wednesday July 15th Learn Contract Driven Development

Everyone knows that dependencies make coding hard, but what if it didn’t need to be difficult. Learn how Contract Driven Development works!