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March 25th Meetup Livestream, “Who’s the Mystery Mobster?”

Look, it’s unfortunate we’re all at home, but we’re safe and sound. At Canton Coders, we see that as an opportunity to make the “global” and new local. It’s an awesome way to get better, and we have PROFESSIONAL Coaches willing to lead the session. If you want to be on stream, drop us a…
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#March25Mob Mystery Mob Partial Line Up

Who’s the mystery mobsters? We’re sure you’ve heard of them, read their books, or maybe their your peer. Anyway, it will be fun and educational.

March 18th Livestream, “What most people get wrong with CI/CD?

A little pandemic won’t stop us from having a meetup, virtually. We’ll call this spring training, with Bob Allen kicking the season off April 15th in person at our normal location. This month, we’ll go south to Arkansas, where Dana and Bryan will have a live conversation. “What people get wrong about CI/CD”. We will be answering live questions from our slack so join, it’s free. The video platform will be announced later this date.

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